Dedicated Team of Advertising Professionals

Each client in Results Matter receives a dedicated team of seasoned PPC professionals.
Your point-of-contact is an advertising professional skilled with a established track-record in planning and excuting ROI focused campaigns, backed by a PPC Supervisor with years of expertise.

Full focus on ROI with Call and Conversion Tracking

One of the most important aspects of Google AdWords campaigns is the ability to track them properly. Most local businesses rely on both contact form submissions and phone calls to drive leads for them. At Results Matter we include tracking of both forms and phone calls.

This allows us to optimize your campaigns based on what really matters – leads.

Target Consumer on any device with Google Mobile Ads

More than 50% of all searches with commercial intent are made from a mobile device. This constitutes a huge amount of traffic and prospective customers that we with a proper Google Mobile Ads strategy can take full advantage of.

This includes click-to-call extensions to get calls directly from people “clicking” your ad as well as having directions and smartphone specific ads to maximize your ROI.

Enhance your success in Display Advertising with Results Matter

Google's Display Network is a huge part of search advertising; as it offers millions of websites where you can promote products and services. But how can you avoid wasting money on bidding for impressions and clicks that don't bring any leads or sales revenue for your business?

At Results Matter we analyze competitors' and industry leaders' engaging ad headlines, sub headlines, images, design, call-to-action, and special incentives to make sure we have the best marketing strategy for your business in place.

Increase Exposure & ROI With Expert Google Shopping Management

We use our experience and knowledge of getting the most out of PLA's by creating the perfect structure for your shopping campaigns, from here we can apply our bespoke optimisations that increase sales by reducing the potential for wasted budgets.

Optimising Product Listing Ads can't just be done from inside AdWords, we spend extensive time within your Google Merchant Centre eradicating issues and warnings as well as working with you to continually improve your feed to ensure you appear for the right search terms, in the right auctions at the right time.

Benefits Included in Our
AdWords Management Plans

Competitor, Market and Industry Research

Extensive Keyword Research Focused on Generating Leads

Hand-Written Ad Copy Focused on Generating Convresions

Ad Extensions for Your Business

On-Going Strategic Optimizations

Monthly Performance Reporting

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